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ic! Berlin

IC! Berlin is a company founded in 1996 in Berlin. The founders of the company are Ralph Anderl, Phillip Hoffmans and Harald Gottschling. As students, they invented the hingeless eyeglass mount and presented their work in the exam.

To this day, the hallmark of Ic sunglasses! Berlin is the absence of screws, hinges and glue. Each model of Ic glasses! Berlin is easy to customize for each client, which is a big plus and uniqueness. This is a constructor that anyone can easily disassemble, assemble, replace lenses on their own at home and without any special tools. Each model is a work of art that has no analogues and is created by hand, corresponding to German quality.

Glasses Ic! Berlin is a stylish design, unusual shapes, a variety of colors, innovative technologies, this is a new stage in the world of optical products.

Buy ultramodern German Ic sunglasses! Berlin is also possible with us. To do this, you need to go to the catalog of our online store and place an order.

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