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Gentle Monster is a South Korean brand that was created in 2011 and is popular today for its innovative designs.

The creators of the company draw their inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding world, from modern subcultures and famous characters from both cinema and literature.

The design of Gentle Monster frames and sunglasses is classic style with bold creative ideas. But at the same time, the products look elegant, graceful, have lightness, have regular shapes and neat features. Thanks to a wide range of models, a variety of colors and bold design solutions, everyone can choose and buy Gentle Monster glasses.

The world fame of GENTLE MONSTR was brought by influencers, futuristic design and peculiarity of Asian appearance. It is extremely difficult for Asians to fit the frames of world designers that are designed on European faces. GENTLE MONSTR is the only brand that will fit perfectly on faces with high cheekbones and low bridge of the nose. The company produces oversized acetate frames with a factory in China, as the production of acetate frames is prohibited in South Korea. Lenses for GENTLE MONSTR are supplied by the German company Zeiss.

In our Style Optics store you can buy the best models from the latest GENTLE MONSTR collections, as well as the GENTLE MONSTR collaborations and global brands.


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