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Boucheron is the epitome of exquisite luxury worthy of admiration. The history of the French jewelry house began in 1858, thanks to the talented master Frederic Boucheron. The master of his craft constantly experimented, developed unique technologies and techniques. And one of these went down in history under the name "invisible frame", which makes accessories more sophisticated, creating the effect of precious stones floating in the air. All famous influential people choose Boucheron products for themselves and their loved ones. Moreover, apart from jewelry, Boucheron produces magnificent watches, glasses, phones, and perfumery collections. Boucheron frames and sunglasses are a masterpiece. Each model bewitches with its magic and makes women's hearts skip a beat. Boucheron eyewear and frames are made from only high quality raw materials, often using exotic woods, Indian and African buffalo horns, complemented by the sparkle of precious stones.

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