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Borsalino is an Italian brand that for almost two centuries has been a living legend in the field of creating hats and glasses with its own unique style.

The history of the Borsalino trading house began back in 1834 when the first workshop in Alexandria was opened by the hatter Giuseppe Borsalino. Even before World War II, the small workshop soon developed into a factory that exported its products to many countries around the world. But the peak of popularity came in the 70s of the last century when a film about gansters was shot, named after the fashionable trading house Borsalino. The second significant event of that time was the release of Borsalino branded perfumery, which does not lose its popularity to this day.

Today the Borsalino company produces not only gorgeous hats and perfumes, but also a collection of clothes for men, women and children, watches, ties, as well as frames and sunglasses.

Buy Borsalino Glasses - true Italian style, elegant classic reference glasses for people with good taste.

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